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ICIL History

ICIL first took place in 2008, in Corfu, Greece, funded by the European Community. ICIL was born in relation to the graduate course “Information law and ethics”, taught at the Ionian University, in Corfu and Athens, Greece since 2005. From a conference with twenty international speakers in 2008, ICIL has reached great numbers of speakers and participants, over 130 in the last 2014 Conference in Thessaloniki, with four parallel sessions and special sessions, simultaneously hosting other major events such as Philoweb 2014.

ICIL, since 2008, has become a major international conference dealing exclusively with the legal and ethical aspects of information, co-organized by the Ionian University (School of Information Science) and the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT) and morally supported by the International Center for Information Ethics, the NEXA Center for Internet and Society and the Institute for Legal Informatics (IRI).

ICIL looks at the concept of information from a multidisciplinary point of view. Information law and ethics cover the concept of information as such and therefore, irrespective of the medium via this information is being transferred. It is, therefore, not limited to the exploration of digital information and seeks the roots of information law and ethics in the ancient Greek world of freedom of speech in agora and also even earlier, in the paintings by humans of the caves. An excellent historical presentation of the field can be found in the site of the International Center of Information Ethics ( New window).

ICIL has instituted a Young Scholars Forum, aiming at helping young researchers presenting their work in an international conference. Also, it has hosted a series of Special Sessions, for example on Museum Ethics, Arts and Ethics, Libraries and Intellectual Capital, Bibliometrics, Law and Cryptography and others.

ICIL has published proceedings as printed volumes, distributed or given to all ICIL speakers and INSEIT members free of charge, every year since 2009. For a list of the proceedings until today please see:

Detailed information on the first six ICILs are here:

ICIL is proud to announce that in 2016 we host 55 speakers from twenty one different countries and from all five contiments of the world,
so true to its title 'A time for inclusion'

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