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ICIL History

4th International Conference on Information Law 2011
“Values and Freedoms on Modern Information Law and Ethics”
Thessaloniki, May 20-21, 2011

3rd International Seminar on Information Law 2010
“An Information Law for the 21st Century”
25 - 26 June 2010, Corfu, Greece

2nd International Seminar on Information Law 2009
“A World for Information Law”
25 - 26 June 2009, Corfu, Greece

25 June 2009
 Venue:   The Palace of St. Michael and George - Municipal Art Gallery 
 Time:   June 25, 2009, 19.30 pm 
  • Vice-Rector, University of Athens, Pr. Ioannis Karakostas
  • Chairman, Graduate Program, DALS: Pr. Spiros Asonitis
  • Introduction:
    Pr. Herbert Burkett: A World for Information Law
  • Pr. Herman Tavani
  • Pr. Lambros Kotsiris
  • Pr. Bernt Hugenholtz, The Orphan Works Problem. The copyright conundrum of digitising large-scale audiovisual archives and how to solve it
  • Pr. Rafael Capurro, Information Ethics for and from Africa
  • Pr. Simon Rogerson: Is History Repeating Itself for Digital Beings?
June 26, 2009 Speakers:
  • Bergman Jackie, What's Love Got to Do with IT?
  • Dariwal Manju, Majumdar H. & Sharan R., Computer Ethics and other societies: relevance of ICT for India
  • Fragkouli Athina & Corrales Marcelo, Legal issues in biological databases: a sui generis approach
  • Vagena Euaggelia & Sinanidou Maria, Linking and Hosting: Copyright Issues
  • VanMynesgerghe Aimee, Classifying Service Robots for Policy

Executive Organizing Committee
  • Rania Konsta
  • Nikos Anastasiou
  • Gianna Siameti
  • Mairi Ampatzi
  • Xara Zarvala

1st International Seminar on Information Law 2008
“The Changing Facets of Information in Information Law”
27-29 June 2008, Corfu, Greece

First International Seminar on Information Law 'The Changing Facets of Information in Information Law' Department of Archives and Libreary Science, Ionian University, Corfu Greece June 27-29, 2008

  • Gasser Urs, St Gallen University/Harvard University
  • Hatzimihail Nikitas, University of Cyprus
  • Hatzis Aristeides, University of Athens
  • Himma Kenneth Einar, Seattle Pacific University
  • Hugenholtz Bernt, University of Amsterdam
  • Palfrey John, Harvard University
  • Rogerson Simon, DeMontfort University
  • Shadlen Ken, London School of Economics
  • Bottis Maria, Ionian University

with the participation of:
  • Panayotis Vlamos, Ionian University,
  • Maria Daphne Papadopoulou Hellenic Copyright Organization
  • Maria Synanidou, Hellenic Copyright Organization
organizer/scientific responsibility: Maria Bottis, Department of Archives and Library Science, Ionian University

Executive Organizing Committee
  • Rania Konsta
  • Nikos Anastasiou
  • Meropi Ampatzi
  • Katerina Tzali

Print Design: Roxana theodorou

June 27, 2008
The first presentation of the book DIGITAL NATIVES by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser